It’s You… As a Drink!

Each Character Cocktail is designed based on your personality, likes and preferences. You don’t need to have a vast knowledge of liquor, liqueurs and mixers–I’ve got you covered there. You won’t need to break the bank to make the drink yourself because I use ingredients that are widely available or easily ordered. What you will get is a thoroughly tested recipe with clear directions on how to make it.

It’s You… As the Art!

Each Character Cocktail recipe is presented as a ready-to-frame piece of art. No two Character Cocktails are the same because no two people are the same; the art reflects the information and impression I get from your Cocktail Profile. Art is 8-by-10-inches and features a mix of ink, watercolors, pencils and the occasional bit-o-bling–it depends on your personality!

It’s You… At your Best!

Each Character Cocktail is created with you–the best of you–in mind. There are no bad days in a Character Cocktail, all we want for you is the fun, luxury and pampering you’ve earned. Whether for a special birthday, to celebrate a wedding anniversary (or divorce!) or just because it’s Tuesday, a Character Cocktail will always be yours and only yours.

You deserve a little something special!

Let me help you get what you deserve.

(Psst! Non-alcoholic cocktails are available, too, for the not-quite-21 set, kids parties or folks who just choose not to drink alcohol.)