Author: Scraps

  • Amber’s Close-Up Pucker-Up

    I admit, I was a little nervous creating a cocktail for Amber: she used to be a bartender and is quite the wine lover! As a former chef who loves to have someone else cook for them, I should have known not to be nervous: she was thrilled with the idea of a custom cocktail […]

  • Casey’s Doctor Libre

    Casey’s situation reminded me of myself, many years ago–young, divorced, and rebuilding my life after it all (only I didn’t have a young son to take care of). Back then my unofficial theme song was LeAnn Rimes’ Because I Can (aka One Way Ticket). With that song running through my mind (not to mention the […]

  • Qedrin’s Sassy Sour

    An old friend, Qedrin is glamour all the way: fashion, make-up and an amazing photographer she’s a big fan of Mexican cuisine and both sweet an sour flavors. Creating her tart but sweet tequila sour with a suar OR salt rim was a perfect match for her and even came close to her favorite color: […]

  • Charlotte’s Pineapple Punch

    Charlotte is a fun-loving librarian from Louisiana who I met at a sci-fi convention. She had a bright, boisterous personality that just begged for a fun party drink. Being as she was a librarian, she requested something that could go either way–alcoholic or non–and I happily obliged with this ginger, pineapple and rum drink that […]

  • Julie’s Peach Salsa-tini

    For the birthday girl whose request was a cocktail where she could “taste the vodka”, I created my take on a peach salsa with Pepper Vodka. Even better? Turns out she loves a good Bloody Mary and this drink was totally up her alley.